Family-owned and operated business since 1983, starting with a partnership between father, John L. Slupski, and son, John Paul Slupski.  John L. was a stone mason and masonry contractor for 25 years prior to starting Silver Rule Masonry, Inc.  Father and son were successful business partners for 25 years, building the company from working on modest stone and brick facades to now monumental 250,000 square-foot conventional masonry block structures.  Silver Rule’s success is built on our core values: quality, honesty, communication, perseverance, consistency and Christian values.  

In 2008 Lonny Milks joined Silver Rule adding valued experience and expertise to the team.  A military Veteran with over 35 years of masonry experience.  Lonny has served the masonry community as an apprenticeship instructor, judge for VICA masonry competitions and is a BX Craftsmanship Award winner. 

Zach Slupski, son of John Paul, is a third-generation mason and has a deep-rooted passion for the trade.  Zach has been around masonry his entire life and his knowledge of the trade can be seen in his role as Operations Manager.  Zach continually seeks to expand his knowledge and skills to propel the company into the future.

John Paul is now in an advisor role and looks forward to the continued success of the company with Lonny and Zach leading the way.  Zach and Lonny plan to move the company forward on the same core values that have gotten Silver Rule to be a well-respected and trusted masonry company. Looking forward to continual success and working with you in the future. 

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